INDC 2014: The Indian National Debate Championship

Dear Debaters!

You are hereby formally invited to the 'The Indian National Debate Championship 2014'! The Championship will take place at IIT Delhi from the 1st to 4th of March, 2014.

The first edition of INDC was India's grandest ever parliamentary debating tournament with an adjudication core comprising of some of the biggest names (Prabhat Kiran Mukherjea, Pranay Bhatia, Yaman Verma, Uttara Gharpure, Pradyumna Jairam, Eashan Ghosh, Siddhartha Thyagarajan and Aashay Sahay) in the Indian debate circuit, all rounds held at the 'Taj Ambassador Delhi', zero reg, meals from Pind Baluchi, on the house beverages at the acco and much more.

This edition will up the ante to a whole new level. We are gunning to be India's largest 3on3 tournament ever by departing from the exclusive seeding format of the 1st INDC and opening up participation to debating institutions from across the nation. The Grand Finals of the 1st INDC was attended by Yashwant Sinha, ex Finance and Foreign minister of India. This year we plan to have a panel of eminent public personalities of similar stature from diverse fields along with broad media coverage to further discuss the issues raised by the Finalist teams. We hope to take a step towards bridging the gap between Parliamentary Debating and mainstream discourse while preserving its sanctity. Furthermore, we are tying up with Times of India to ensure extensive coverage of the event.

INDC 2014, What to Expect:

1.     A stellar debating experience.
[Impeccable adjudication pool backed by a posse of subsidized adjudicators and the best university debaters from across India with over 100 teams.]
2.     Obscene Prize Money.
[An unparalleled minimum assured prize money of INR 2,50,000 (subject to increase as the sponsorship rolls in). The first INDC paid all its prize winners on the very same day and we intend on doing the same this time around as well.]
3.     Lavish Hospitality.
[3 Star Hotel accommodation, insane break night party, 5 Star Hotel Championship Dinner ad Grand Finals and so on, INDC will be at par if not better than an Asians tournament in terms of hospitality and grandeur. We will work towards having all our break rounds at a hotel venue. The Grand Finals at any rate will be held at a prominent hotel venue with a lavish after party.]

IIT Delhi boasts of colossal infrastructure to back the massive championship we have planned for you and a history of hosting great PD Tournaments. They bring with them the organizational experience they have gained over years of hosting their own Parliamentary Debate and a well located campus in the heart of Delhi from where one can swiftly get to Hauz Khas Village or DLF Promenade/Emporio/Ambience in Vasant Kunj post rounds to unwind. 
The first four members of the Judge Core for INDC 2014 are Aashay Sahay, Vipul Nanda, Siddhartha Thyagarajan and Souradip Sen. 3 more members will be added to the core based on an application process in addition to 2 Assistant Chief Adjudicators from IIT Delhi.

3 on 3 Asians Inter Varsity (No Open/Cross/School Teams). Judges can be non institutional.

The registration will be conducted in 3 phases. We are following a very strict N1 policy, i.e. each team has to come along with a judge of its institution.

Phase 1: [22/01/2014 TO 27/01/2014]
Institutions and Judges will register for the Championship by filling out the registration form.
Up to 3 teams are allowed per institution with no initial cap on the total number of teams.
On the basis of the number of teams registered in Phase 1, we shall review the policy on a total team cap and apply it only if the total number of teams logistically impossible. As of now we are geared to handle over 100 teams.

Team Registration:

Independent Judge Registration:

Phase 2: [27/01/2014 TO 03/02/2014]
At the end of Phase 1, we will release the list of confirmed teams. These teams will then proceed to Phase 2 wherein they will have to wire transfer the pre registration fee of INR 1,000 per participant to secure their slots.
At the end of Phase 2, we will reveal the final list of participants at INDC 2014.

Phase 3: [28/02/2014, 01/03/2014]
This will take place once the teams turn up at INDC. Here the remaining amount of the registration fee will be paid and accreditation collected.
The total Registration Fee is INR 2,000 per participant for those requiring accommodation and INR 1,000 for others. This includes 3 Star Hotel accommodation, meals, transportation to and fro between the accommodation and the venue, break night party access, 5 Star Hotel Grand Finals and Championship Dinner access and lots more.


INDC 2014 will set new standards for transparency by adopting the ‘Best Practices Code’ which is presently being drafted and will be revealed shortly after discussion within the council.

The Championship will have an Octos break subject to expansion based on participation. Furthermore, there will be a separate novice break.


1. The process for applying to be a part of the organizing committee is now open. The final cut of OC members will be entitled to travel subsidies for the Championship along with (but not limited to) the street cred of being the person behind India's largest tournament in 2014.
Apply by filling up this form:

2. We have set up an online forum for the Indian National Debate Council. Herein, we shall have one representative from each debating institution. In the run up to the Championship, The Council will discuss matters of relevance to the Championship and Indian Debating in General. The council shall work towards formalizing its nature and drafting a charter in due course of time.
Fill in this form to register your institution on the council (please ensure there aren’t multiple entries from your institution):

For further details contact:
Call: +91-9810307000
The Organizing Committee
Indian National Debate Championship 2014

IIT Delhi &


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