INDC 2013 Wild Card Seeding

We are as of 1133 hrs, 30/03/2013; commencing the seeding process for the 2 WILD CARD slots at the Indian National Debate Championship.

Here are the details of the process:

1) The slots are for institutional teams. However teams from institutions that have already been seeded are not eligible.

2) The seeding of these 2 slots will be done on the basis of evaluating the team and not the institution as a whole.

3) In order to apply for these slots, mail us your Team CV at

4) The Team CV shall comprise of the following;
-Names of the speakers and their institution(Again, all three need to be from the same institution).
-Individual debating achievements of the speakers, including cross team achievements and best speaker prizes.

5) The deadline for this process is midnight, 4th April 2013.


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