The metric for determining the 8 slots for INDC 2013 are as follows:

1) 6 slots will be allocated based on cumulative institutional achievements and 2 wild card entries based on team achievements.

2) The seeding for the 6 institutional slots will be done in the following manner:

The top 12 applications will be short listed by the Adj Core based on preliminary inspection and then ranked based on the following point system;

International Tournaments:
Win 15
Finals 12
Semis 10
Quarters 8
Octos 6

Tier 1 Tournament: 2X
Tier 2 Tournament: 1X
Win 5
Finals 4
Semis 3
Quarters 2
Octos 1

The list of Tier 1 tournaments:

1) IIT Bombay National Debate
2) Mukh Mem (Stephen's College, DU)
5) Premchand Memorial (Hindu College, DU)

The rest are all Tier 2.

{A maximum of 15 debate achievements from (and including) Jan 2012 till present date must be submitted. Only achievements of institutional teams at debating tournaments will be considered and not cross team achievements. Also, no best speaker, adj breaks etc.}

Once the teams have been ranked; the Adj Core will then, using the rankings as guidelines subjectively deliberate on the debating achievements of the contending institutions in order to obtain the final seeding order for the 6 slots. Additionally, the adj core will produce a report to justify the subjective interventions in the point based ranking in order to insure both greatest transparency and the seeding of the best possible institutions.

Once the institutions have been seeded, they will be asked to nominate a team from within their institution. The debating achievements of the individual speakers in the nominated team will be reviewed by the adj core and ratified accordingly. If the nominated team fails to obtain ratification, the institution will be asked to nominate another team, failing which the slot will be handed to the next seeded institution. This is in order to avoid "flunky" teams from seeded institutions.

3)The finals 2 slots will be allocated based on team achievements solely. These teams must still be Institutional Teams. However, these slots won't be deliberated on the basis of the net achievements of the institute but on the sum of individual achievements of the 3 speakers on the team.

The process of seeding these two teams will begin once the institutional slots are seeded. The two teams applying for these slots must not belong to the institutions that have already been seeded.


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