INDC 2013 Organizing Committee

Current composition of our Organizing Committee:

Karandeep Aazaan Khanna [Law Fac DU]
Akash Date [ex NLIMS]
Parnil Urdhwareshe [NLIU Bhopal]
Manav Garg [IIT Kgp]
Paridhi Singh [JGLS]
Nishant Prasad [NALSAR]
Partha Sarathi Sharma [IITB]
Rahul Reddy [RVCE]
Sayan Kundu [Presidency Kolkata]
Aditya Kavia [ILNU]
Kaushik Mudda [RVCE]
Tushar Kanade [NMIMS]
Raunaq Chandrashekar [NLUD]

If you wish to be a part of the Organizing Committee for the 1st INDC, please fill in this form: 

The adjudication core along with the oc is working together with a very involved debating community to bring to you the finest debating experience. Thank you for your support.


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