INDC 2013 Institutional Seeding Results

Dear Debaters,

The following 6 Institutions have been seeded through the Institutional Seeding Process:


The ranking as per the point system is as follows:

1) NLS [93]
2) RVCE [83]
    NLUD [83]
4) Ramjas [74]
5) Hindu [71]
6) IITB [62]
7) SRCC [55]
8) KMC [46]
9) JGLS [43]
10) Hansraj [42]
11) Christ [31]
    MSRIT [31]
13] LSR [27]
14] VIT [26]
15] SLS [25]
16] SPIT [22]
17] NMIMS [13]

The Adj Core made a subjective intervention to move up SRCC over IITB; in order to account for the overall quality of achievements (quality of the tournaments at which the respective achievements were accrued) and inflation in points due to double the number of teams making each stage at BPs (The points weren't docked or reduced, instead a subjective evaluation by the individual core members followed by a discussion and a unanimous vote).

We shall release the details of the Wild Card seeding process and the CVs of the applicant institutions for public scrutiny by tomorrow.


INDC 2013 Organizing Committee.


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