The Adjudication Panel will comprise of 12 invited adjudicators of sacrosanct qualifications and repute. The teams will be involved in the process of deliberating these names.

The current composition of the Adjudication Core for the first INDC (Since none of these names need an introduction, we're going to role those CVs up and put it back in our pocket):

Yaman VermaYaman Verma
Uttara GharpureUttara Gharpure
Siddhartha ThyagarajanSiddhartha Thyagarajan
Pranay BhatiaPranay Bhatia
Pradyumna JairamPradyumna Jairam
Prabhat Kiran MukherjeaPrabhat Kiran Mukherjea
Eashan GhoshEashan Ghosh
Aashay SahayAashay Sahay

We will be adding 4 to 6 names to this list, depending on the composition of the 8 seeded slots and the conflicts resulting thereof. We hereby invite applications for the remaining positions on the adjudication core/panel. Once all the applications are received, we will have the seeded teams pick from the list of applicant adjudicators. Please mail in your applications to


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