NALSAR IV 3 the Review

NALSAR IV 3 Review

Saransh Garg (IITB)

Competition level (3/5):
The third edition of the NALSAR IV saw a drop in quality of teams coming 
to participate compared to the high quality previous edition. Several good quality teams from the Banglore, Mumbai and the Delhi circuit were absent. This was despite a weekend schedule and a quality adj core. This may have been due to late advertising of the tournament.

Adjudication pool (3/5): The core was great comprising of Jens Fischer( WUDC tabmaster), James Kilcup, Mabroor Wassey and Eashan Ghosh. They strained themselves to clarify every format issue and Leor joined in to give interesting POI strategy. The overall adj pool was poor, apart from a few recognizable faces. Several amateur and first time debaters had to be made chairs in the preliminary rounds. The tournament needed several good quality subsidized adjudicators.

Motions (4/5): The motions were a mixed bunch of refreshingly new like:
• In determining whether the accused should be prosecuted as adults, THW abandon standards of age in favour of mental development metrics
• THW refuse to extradite individual to countries where they may face the death penalty and classic old school like
• THW ban art that glorifies criminality
• THW arm the resistance to Assad

Tournament Management (5/5): NALSAR IVs are one of the best managed tournaments in the country. This I can say from experience at both the second and third edition. The tournament closely stuck to schedule. Runners knew exactly where to take which team when the motions were out. The friendly orgcomm members were always ready to provide any help or information.

Prize Money and Delivery (5/5): The prize money was good. For third position it was 15,000. It was handed in crisp cash right after the closing ceremony.

Accommodation and Food (4/5): Acco was available on campus in the hostels. Several food options were available on campus including burgers, sandwiches , Chinese, doughnuts among other things. The midnight curfew was relaxed during the tournament. Alcohol entered campus boundaries.

Break Night (3/5): The break night was at The TAJ. Though the venue was superb, but it took us a couple of hours to reach there from campus. 3 drink coupons and 3 starters’ coupons were insufficient. People were thirsty and hungry for more.

Disclaimer: This is my personal opinion. I have tried my best to remain objective in my assessment. If you find any discrepancies, kindly bring them to my attention.


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