Rating           What it means {Unless Specified otherwise}
*****             Tournament has been paying up in full over the years and doing so promptly.
****               Paid up late, but delivered on the promised amount.
***                 Paid up extremely late and after a lot of badgering and/or paid a reduced amount.
**                  Paid up late and then too a significantly reduced amount from what was declared prior to the tournament.
*                     Never paid up. Hang em.

Note: This rating is no reflection on the scale of prize money, just the promptness with which it is doled out.

TOURNAMENT (Alphabetically):

AIL Mohali [5]
BITS - QED [4]
Christ [5]
CNLU [4]
Hansraj [?]
Hindu -Premchand [5 over the years, 1 for the last edition]
IIT Bombay [3.5] {IITBDSM takes chilling very seriously, they like taking their time}
IIT Guwahati [5]
IP [5]
Jindal Debate [5]
JMC [?]
KMC [4.5]
Loyola [2]
LSR [1.5]
MS Ramiah [5]
NLS [3.5] {Tendency to inflate prize money projections, reports of delays in payments this year}
NLUD [5]
NUJS [<Your caption here*>]
PEC -Trivium [5]
Ramjas - Polemic [5 over the years, 3 for the last edition]
RVDT  [4]
SPIT [?]
SRCC [4]
Stephen's - Muk Mem [4 over the years, 2 for the last edition] {Late payment, no official figures given prior to the tournament, informally communicated figures not met with}
St. Xavier's Bombay [5]
Venky -People Speak [5]
VIT - ProCon [4]

*Best one gets INR 750** from the editor.

**Collect amount from Prasun Bhaiya.

Dear Debaters,

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