The Tournament Observer Initiative

The Parliamentary Debating scene in India is experiencing a monumental surge with more and more Institutions taking to it with every passing day. Where we once had more or less two major debating circuits with their hand picked tournaments, we now have a profusion of debating circuits cropping up all over the country; each with their own tournaments to offer. The debating community has witnessed tournaments of great pedigree fall to ruin and many a rookie tournament offer remarkable debates in the recent past.

'The Debate Observer' is an initiative to give you a closer look at the tournaments happening in the circuit. The expectations, the promises and to what extent they were fulfilled all brought to you by a process of amassing facts, feedback and opinions. Tournament previews and reviews to help you decide what tournaments to debate at and enable you to voice your approvals or grievances. Our objective is to initiate a discourse in the circuit about the debates being held around the nation and channel it to you, making tournaments more accountable in the process.

Because, there are way too many "reputed tournaments" and promotional mails from a debate society are not the best source for information on the tournament they are hosting...

Write to us if you have something to say or ask about a tournament.

Join the discourse on our Facebook group.


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