NLUD Aftertaste

NLU Delhi 2012: In a nutshell.


-Low registration fees and co-ed accommodations on campus, although the 9’ o clock curfew was a tad bit Nazi.
-Good Motions overall. One of the preliminary rounds was based on classic motions like abortion, euthanasia etc. which was well received by most teams and adjes as it led to better engaged debates in general.
-Well-organized tournament. All the teams got free latest by 9-9:30-PM.
-Good internal adjudication pool. Other than the external adjes, the internal pool quality was also pleasing. In fact most breaking adjs were from the internal pool.
-Decently competitive. The tournament did have an above average dose of good teams.
-Prize money and certificates were distributed immediately after the tournament, making it one of the very few Tournaments around that pay up within a generation after the tournament.

& Sour:

-The break night was held at a pretty upscale place, Labua Dwarka, however there was no alcohol at the break night.
-The “screw the principles” round could have been positioned in prelims rather than in the quarters as most teams weren't familiar with the workings of it.
-Food wasn't as good on campus, however one could order in from other places. But that often ended up burning a hole in the pocket.

-The Bandit Advocate-

*Editorial Note: What the break night Party lacked in terms of alcohol was apparently made up for by an intense case of 'Ek phool chaar kante'. For more information, contact Nanda.


Gumnaam said…
Registration fee for participants not wanting acco was considerably high (Rs.500). Domestic tournaments in Delhi usually take rego anywhere between Rs (100-250), providing both unlimited alcohol at break night as well as snack boxes once a day. Unfortunately neither was provided at NLU-D.
Karthik said…
What no mention of break night shenanigans. Also, how did Gargi do? Since everybody cares about Gargi.
Anonymous said…
The Screw the principle was actually in the prelims, not the quarters.
Raunaq said…
Firstly, very few Delhi tournaments host a break night party with unlimited alcohol (I've been for two Polemic debates and not one offered unlimited alcohol). Secondly, we did provide significantly better amenities than any other Delhi tournament (the audi, the quality of rooms in the academic block and guest house, air-conditioning). Lastly, apart from being prompt with the money, the prize money pool itself was one of the highest provided (you walked away with 20k, if I'm not wrong). Yeah, I'll admit, we weren't able to provide free food (maybe next year).
Unknown said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said…
Screw the principle was in the quarters in the tournament. Not the prelims. Also, some prelim motions sucked monkey balls. They ere usually the ones made by the absent DCA.
Anonymous said…
Hey Sayan, eat a dick! Om nom nom
Ambar Bhushan said…
ASD said…
Not absconding any more.

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