Australs 2012 Motions


Round 1:
TWS ban eating contests;
That sporting leagues should never suspend players for off field behaviour
That developing nations should not host international sporting events.
Round 2:
That the government should not receive any revenue from gambling beyond standard taxation.
TWS require individuals to disclose that they carry STIs even if protection is used
That individuals should be required to pass drug tests in order to receive welfare benefits. 

Round 3:
TWS grant higher-level primates more rights than other animals.
That doctors should be required to perform medical procedures even when it conflicts with their beliefs.
That employers should be allowed to discriminate on lifestyle factors (such as smoking and obesity) when hiring. 
Round 4:
That NATO should invite former Eastern Bloc states to be members.
That the UN should establish a standing military force.  
That the US should impose retaliatory tariffs on China for currency manipulation. 

Round 5:  
That the state should provide incentives for individuals to grow their own produce and buy locally.
TWS adopt a vegetarian diet.
TWS celebrate the growth of the fat pride movement.

Round 6:
That developing nations should prohibit families of current or former politicians from running for office.
TWS make voting mandatory.
TWS ban all political campaign contributions.

Round 7: ‪
TWS introduce a tax on financial transations.
TT EU should create a common fiscal authority.
That governments should not fund reconstruction in areas that are prone to natural disasters.

Round 8: ‪
That, where gay marriage is legal, religious institutions should be forced to conduct marriage ceremonies for gays.
TWS force victims of domestic violence to testify in court.
TWS criminalise prostitution.

Octos Motions:
TWS repeal the individual mandate for healthcare in the
TWS set term limits for US Supreme Court justices.
That the US should declare an amnesty for all illegal immigrants.

Quarters Motions:  
That the death of print media is bad for journalism
That law enforcement should turn a blind eye to drug use and sale in designated areas.
That families whose children perform well in school should recieve bonus welfare payments

ESL Semi Motions:

That media outlets should be allowed to report on the details of suicides.
That the media should not report on the private lives of politicians.
That there should be a minimum Body Mass Index for women on television.

ESL Final: That workers in services should not be allowed to strike.

Final Motion: That we should introduce good samaritan laws.


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