NSU ABP Motions

R1: THW ban violent sports.

R2: TH regrets Myanmar's appointment as future ASEAN chair.

R3: THW abolish gated communities with extensive private security.

R4: THW require all media outlets to be organized as cooperatives, owned and run by journalists only.

R5: THW not allow countries undertaking military intervention abroad to harvest natural resources while they are there.

R6: THBT feminists should campaign for father's rights.

Pre Quarter Finals: THW criminalize the refusal to render reasonable assistance for people in distress.

Quarters Finals: THBT states should punish more harshly acts of terrorism committed by own citizens than those committed by citizens of other countries.

Semi Finals:THW use state education system to actively promote atheism.

Grand Finals: THBT micro credit programs should stop exclusively targeting women.


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