The RV Debating Tournament 2011

RVDT 2011 Pre Invite:

Dear All,

The Debating Year 2011-12 needs to be kick started with a bang. To do the honors, the RV Debating Tournament is back.

RVDT 2010-11 saw 50 teams compete for the gargantuan Championship Trophy and the not so inconsequential amount of 1,50,000 INR in bounty. Our prize money set to grow to even greater heights this year and we are continuing what we pioneered – at RVDT, if You Break, You Make!

At RV, we value the importance of quality adjudication more than any other tournament and handsomely reward the 5 Best Adjudicators. We are inviting the top Adjudicators from the Debating Circuits around the world and assure you that RVDT 2011 is set to break ANY of your wildest expectations.

RVDT has always been about unrivalled quality; about Grand Opening Nights at some of the finest hotels in town, about the most competitive debaters and debates that make for stuff of legends, about hospitality so generous that nothing gets in the way of your mood to debate. It has been about our Break Night Parties at the dowdiest resorts Bangalore has to offer, where the merry making and flowing rivers of the good stuff brought tears to the eyes of revelers (some of them at least).

Our Tournament has always been about creating legends. Our legendary “Bakchodh (BC) Award” has always provided for unparalleled amounts of entertainment at the cost of aspirants. Get ready for a treat in the Asian Style of debating where the principled motions are known to chase squirrels up trees.

The dates we are tentatively looking at, is the weekend between 23rd to 27th of September. Give us feedback regarding the compatibility of these dates with your calendar. We have set the tentative team cap to 60 with the N1 criterion regarding adjudicators.

We shall soon be sending out a communication containing details regarding the Registration Process, the Formal Invite, Details about the Subsidy Process and further specifics regarding the tournament. We have a role blind subsidy policy. Subsidies will be given out to ensure that we can give you the greatest tournament we possibly can.

We at the RV Debating Society subscribe to the highest strata of debating whoredom- and this desire, persistence, and a general lack of better things to do- will ensure that your tournament will be one you can’t easily forget.

Feel free to call upon us, as we will be ready to help you with any issue, debating or otherwise.


Sayan Sanyal (+91 8095264269)

Tournament Director

Mayukh Samanta (+91 9980845274)

Joint Tournament Director


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Executive Organizing Committee,

The RV Debating Tournament 2011.

[RVCE Debate Society,

RV College of Engineering,

Bangalore, India.]


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