2011 SEO Motions

ROUND ZERO: This house believes that countries with problems of overpopulation should pay willing citizens to sterilize themselves.

ONE: This house would directly elect captains of national sport teams.

TWO: This house believes that state funded health services should be provided by competitively tendered contracts by private companies, without direct state provision.

THREE: This house believes that it is legitimate for governments to deliberately lie to their citizens in times of war.

FOUR: This house believes that individuals in developed countries have a bigger moral responsibility to poor people in the developing world than their own families.

FIVE: This house believes that democratic countries should punish communication companies which cooperate with oppressive governments’ censorship policies.

QUARTERS: This house would ban advertisements that use gender stereotypes.
SEMIS: This house believes that post-genocide states should punish the perpetrators of the genocide both visibly and publicly for the long term.

NOVICE FINAL: This house believes that developing countries should ban family members of the Head of State/Government from running for the same position.

GRAND FINAL: This house would ban the celebration of martyrs.


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