NUJS Parliamentary Debate 2011 Motions

Round I: Lies
THBT diplomatic leaks cause more good than harm in the long run.
THBT the environmental movement should publish outright lies about the extent of environmental harm to promote their cause.
THBT it is acceptable for countries to lie about their nuclear programs.
Round II: Children
THW not impose an age restriction for the driving license test.
THBT children should be legally obligated to care for their parents on reaching adulthood.
THBT the present generation holds no obligations whatsoever to preserve natural resources for future generations.
Round III: Sci-Tech
THW mandate a government controlled internet kill-switch in democratic nations.
THBT social networking websites can do without privacy settings.
THBT private communication companies must be mandated to divulge their encryption schemes to state regulatory authorities.
Round IV: Governance
THBT the right to self-defence should include pre-emptive action.
THW do away with fines as a means of punishment for criminal offences.
THW not restrict the number of terms for the Head of State of democratic countries.
Round V: Sports
THBT Olympic events that require subjective judging are not sports. (eg. gymnastics, synchronised swimming etc.)
THW legalise ball tampering in cricket.
THBT bilateral sporting ties must not be severed irrespective of diplomatic ties.
Quarter-Finals: Hypotheticals
1. You are Thakur in the movie Sholay and you have been handed custody of two notorious criminals Jai and Veeru. While moving from Bombay to Delhi, your train has to pass through the Chambal valley and a gang of dreaded dacoits has attacked your train. You are asked by Jai and Veeru to let them free so that they can fight the dacoits. You are, however, not permitted by law to release criminals for any reason whatsoever. Motion: Free Jai and Veeru hoping that they do not run away and fight the dacoits instead.
  1. You are a juror trying the following case. Four people are exploring a cave when it caves in. The explorers know (don’t challenge) that help will arrive too late for them to survive but if they kill one of their own and eat him, the rest will survive. The men agree to draw lots to determine which one would be killed. At the last minute, Bob decides he wants to withdraw. The other men ignore his protests and draw for him as well (It was a perfectly fair draw) and as luck would have it, his number was drawn. They kill and eat him. They are subsequently tried for murder. Motion: Acquit them of the charges.
  1. You (FIFA) are tasked with appeals against the results of matches in the UEFA Champions League. The Semi-Final this year featured Manchester United against the Turkish champions Galatasaray. The first leg held at the Istanbul was one of the most acrimonious matches in recent years. Manchester United rested key players for this match as they were facing fierce competition in the English Premier League (EPL). Due to two controversial refereeing, they found themselves two goals behind and down to nine men inside ten minutes. The match ended 5-1 to Galatasaray. With the EPL won, all their stars rested and playing in their citadel, Old Trafford, Manchester United were confident of winning the second leg by the 4-0 margin that they needed. Strangely enough though, the Turks that lined up consisted of youngsters from the opposing youth academy. Inside two minutes two men were off the pitch but this time, they were Turks who had purposely got themselves sent off. Only two minutes later when the Turks had two more men dismissed did Manchester United begin to understand… too late. Within six minutes, five Turks had been given red cards. Under FIFA regulations, since Galatasaray had less than 7 players on the pitch, the match had to be abandoned and awarded to Manchester United by a margin of 3-0. Galatasaray go through on aggregate goals in both legs 5 goals to 4. Manchester United appeals to you asking for Galatasaray to be disqualified or at least for the match to be replayed. Motion: Let the result stand.
Semi-Finals and Novice Finals: International Relations
THW support a power sharing agreement with the Taliban in return for their disarmament.
THBT non-democratic nations must not have voting rights in international organisations.
THW decline requests for political asylum by deposed dictators.
Finals: THBT the Indian government should auction street names to the highest bidder.


Unknown said… - Harvard Law Review On the Speluncean Explorers
Hey, awesome job digging this up! Where did you get this???
Unknown said…
A friend of mine was really fascinated by this particular case, he told me about it.
Anyway, I rmbr it cause I really couldn't make my mind up on that one. :\
Ritwik Agrawal said…
Thanks for this. Some of these are really thought provoking.

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